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(if you don’t want to read the blah blah, you can directly jump to the translation tool below ūüėČ …)
To contribute to the translations, you will need an account to identify.
You can use some Social Network authentications, but you can also create one local to this site.
Don’t be afraid, it takes 15 seconds, and your profile will not be used nor sold nor whatever, and nothing will be posted on your behalf.
I’ve¬†already set up a few¬†language sets¬†according to the affluence stats on¬†this site.
But, if you need a missing language set, don’t hesitate to ask me to add it (via forum or contact form).
If you already have an account, or agree to log in with a social network profile, click on the “log in” link (on the right of¬†the Glotpress frame).
If you want to create a local account, click on the “log in” link (on the right of¬†the Glotpress frame), and click “Register” at the bottom of the login dialog.
Then follow the wizard.

Thank you!
Below is the Glotpress powered tool to help translate FileVoyager. To open it in full page, click here.
It’s pretty intuitive, but here’s a quick user guide on how to use GlotPress. The guide is made for but the use will be identical here at

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