Discover FileVoyager in video

Want to see FileVoyager in action, watch this video on YouTube.
I also plan to publish some tutorial videos, so don’t hesitate to the subscribe the channel. If you want to participate, your help is welcome! Just get in touch with me.
The video has been created in September 2015 and never published until now and FileVoyager has pretty much evolved since then. But the video gives a good overview, and I hate to waste :). So enjoy!

FileVoyager 23.5.7 released!

FileVoyager version 23.5.7 is now available! This update adds support for Arabic and Dutch languages, and introduces Single Instance functionality. With Single Instance, FileVoyager can be configured to always open in the same instance with support of command line parameters. Try it out and let us know what you think! Continue reading

Beware of FileVoyager for Android

I see many alerts related to a Trojan horse propagated by a certain FileVoyager for Android. This Trojan is very aggressive.This Android application is absolutely not related to my Windows version.I have not developed any Android application yet. The Android hackers probably used the name of my application to milead … Continue reading

FileVoyager 22.11.13 released!

This version comes with the integration of the amazing ExifTool by Phil Harvey. ExifTool is able to extract EXIF metadata from about any video and image file formats. Before this version, FileVoyager was supporting only TIFF, PSD and JPEG.
As a consequence, you can view many info and geolocation for file formats such as HEIV, MOV, MP4, etc. Continue reading

FileVoyager 22.9.15 released!

Mainly a maintenance release, this new version solves several small issues that were reported by the community. Continue reading

FileVoyager 22.3.19 released!

Mainly a maintenance release, this new version solves several small issues that were reported by the community. Continue reading

FileVoyager 21.6.27 released!

Among a few minor fixes, this new version solves a theming problem that was reported to me.
I was unable to reproduce it until I have been affected myself after a Windows update, which helped me quickly spot the cause and correct it in my code. Continue reading

FileVoyager 21.1.2 released!

Among a lot of fixes and changes, the most visible changes of this new version are the addition of the popular Dark Mode, and the simplification of the Ribbon menu, into a less space wasting Ribbon. Continue reading

Map feature of the Viewer is broken

It seems that the map tile, that is displayed in the viewer when picture contains GPS coordinates, is broken. When I introduced that feature, I was using Google Maps to fetch a static map tile. Few months later, the Google Maps API was not free anymore ;(. So I decided … Continue reading

FileVoyager 20.1.20 released!

New heroes of the FileVoyager community have emerged!FileVoyager is now available in Italian thanks to Roberto Scassellati and in Slovenian thanks to Jadran Rudec. Please join me in thanking them for their admirable efforts! This update of FileVoyager is highly recommended especially if you use the Text Diff tool. In … Continue reading

FileVoyager 19.12.25 released!

Among other fixes and some new stuff, Hungarian translation is now available in FileVoyager. A huge thank to Lajos Nagyvati (aka LaMoLa) for his outstanding work! If you wanna know more about the changes in this version, have a look at the Change Log.Also, hurry up, and download the latest version! … Continue reading