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Known issues

FileVoyager’s community is growing and now, FileVoyager runs on many environments and is used by many different user profiles.
Fortunately, a lot of users give feedback and among love or hate feedbacks, there are some interesting report about dysfunctional behaviour of FileVoyager.

This is a list of the most important issues identified by me or reported by the users:

prohibition Issues preceded by this icon are considered as critical and may cause a loss of data
exclamation Issues preceded by this icon are issues that can lead to a crash of FileVoyager
information Issues preceded by this icon are non-critical issues or have only a cosmetic impact

information When in Folder Diff (Comparison), if on item is focused and one of its parent is collapsed, the opposite pane stay expanded.
information When in Search panel, the button to select target folders doesn’t work.

exclamation When an incompatible version of libeay.dll and ssleay.dll are installed in a system folder, they supersede those deployed with FileVoyager.
The consequence is that an error message is displayed at the start of FileVoyager.
 -> Resolved in

prohibition When “killing” (permanently deleting) or moving a junction or a symbolic link, the operation impacts the target of the junction or symbolic link. This issue has a high priority for the next release. -> Resolved in

prohibition When deleting items to the Recycle Bin on a partition that has no Recycle Bin, the items are permanently deleted without warning. This issue has a high priority for the next release. -> Resolved in

information The shell context menu of the files or folders is themed. On some rare specific cases, this theming impacts the rendering of the context menu. In the next release, the theming of the context menu will be deactivated by default. It will be up to the user to activate it and keep it so if the rendering is not deteriorated. -> Resolved in

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