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Changelog Page

´╗┐FileVoyager Changelog
Note: The release date corresponds to the version of the release.
Ex: Release = 20/01/20 = 20 January 2020

+ New: Language: Added Italian (Translation by Roberto Scassellati)
+ New: Language: Added Slovenian (Translation by Jadran Rudec)
~ Chg: Language: German translation updated (by Andras Ohlmann)
~ Chg: Language: Spanish translation updated (by Calebs)
~ Chg: Language: Russian translation updated (by Bonvivant)
~ Chg: Language: Hungarian translation updated (by Lajos Nagyvati aka LaMoLa)
- Fix: Diff: In TextDiff, an issue was randomly flagging lines as "modified"
- Fix: Viewer: The syntax highlighting was failing to load files with some unicode characters in the path
- Fix: Viewer: The map displayed for images with GPS Coordinates stopped working after Google change the access permissions to the API. FV uses now the OpenStreetMap.org API.
- Fix: Language: Some labels were not multilangual
- Fix: Navigation: Files/Folders dropped on FileVoyager from another application were handled as if they were virtual items (transitting by the Temp folder first)

- New: Language: Added Hungarian (Translation by Lajos Nagyvati aka LaMoLa)
- New: Viewer: Support of the Keyboard Multimedia keys (Play, Pause, Stop, Previous track and Next Track)
- New: Navigation Lists: Support of the Backward and Forward buttons of mouses
- New: Navigation Lists: A button with a funnel icon is now displayed on the CrumbBar when the list is filtered
- New: Navigation Lists: Possibility to choose whether to show or not thumbnails in the infotips
- New: Command line: Possibility to start FileVoyager with left and right folder passed in the command line (FileVoyager.exe -FVLeft "pathtoleftfolder" -FVRight "pathtorighfolder")
- New: Diff: Possibility to use an external Diff tool
- New: Diff: Possibility to define custom colors for internal Diff tool highlighting
- New: Diff: In the folder comparison, it's now possible to show only the different items, hiding the unchanged ones
- New: Diff: In the file comparison, it's now possible to jump from diff to diff. In previous versions of FV, the buttons were present but no code behind them
- New: Navigation Trees: Now Treeview shows the overlays on icons
~ Chg: Filter: Added a button to reset the form fields
~ Chg: MainForm: Added the Splitter menu in the Ribbon (View\[Customize Pane]\Splitter) and the Classic menu (View\Splitter)
~ Chg: MainForm: The classic menu, if used, is now dockable to any side of the MainForm
~ Chg: Navigation Lists: In the 'Attributes' column, the property FILE_ATTRIBUTE_RECALL_ON_DATA_ACCESS is now shown as 'M' instead of 'R'
- Fix: AboutBox: The links to websites in the credits were opening inside the AboutBox. Now they open in the default browser
- Fix: Diff: In the folder comparison, it was impossible to collapse a node if a child was focused

+ New: Hash: Integration with VirusTotal.com to get scan reports or make files submission to the web service
+ New: Language: Added German (Translation by Andreas Ohlmann)
+ New: Hash and VirusTotal tool can be invoked from the context menu (right click) of a file or folder
+ New: Navigation: File/folder attributes are now displaying the extended NTFS attributes
+ New: Setup: Language chosen is Setup is now used as startup language of FileFoyager
- Fix: Navigation: Corrected the wrong position of the crumb navigation menu on a multi-display setup
- Fix: FV used to rely a lot on GetShortPathName. On systems where GetShortPathName is not supported by a disk partition, FV behavior was downgraded. Now FV will work even if GetShortPathName is not supported
- Fix: Corrected an issue when a double click on MS office files opened them in archive mode instead of launching them with their associated applications
- Fix: Lateral drive pane was not updated in case of language change
- Fix: Size of components (buttons and labels) is adapted better to support languages that need more space
- Fix: Solved the web update check for new version
+ New: FileVoyager now contains a Hash tool
- Fix: Globally: Complete rework of the various visual components to be DPI aware
- Fix: Navigation: Many issues due to the bad DPI awareness are now solved (eg: Shell Contextmenu unresponsive outside 96 dpi)
- Fix: Viewer: "Banned" the Blob audio visualization as it makes Win 10 crash (and maybe other versions too).
+ New: Language: Added Swedish (Translation by Christer)
~ Chg: Licensing of FileVoyager changed from Creative Commons to Freeware EULA
~ Chg: When using custom colors for folder listing, the Selection background color is now used prior to the Odd background color
- Fix: When system context menu, for file or folder, is trigger through keyboard, the menu did not had the keyboard focus
- Fix: When showing, the operation confirmation window was topmost, even when FV was deactivated. Now it's topmost to FV only
- Fix: Comparison window's position and size are now restored
- Fix: Autoupdate doesn't download the installer when in Portable version
- Fix: When Ribbon was collapsed, any change in the preferences made the Ribbon expanded again
- Fix: Preferences dialog is now closable using ESC
+ New: Language: Added Spanish (Translation created by myself, so probably not as good as if a perfect spanish speaking one had done it)

+ New: Navigation Panes: User can use checkboxes to select items
+ New: Navigation Panes: User can use a "Rectangle Marquee" by dragging from an empty area
~ Chg: General: Removed many pre-creation of secondary forms to speed up the starting
~ Chg: FTP(S): Upgraded OpenSSL dll to 1.0.2j and Synapse to support TLS 1.2 and the latest security levels
- Fix: Navigation Panes: Corrected a bug that caused a selection to be changed after a Refresh
- Fix: Navigation Panes: Resolved a bug causing item to be dragged even when they were not under drag beginning
- Fix: General: Removed a deprecated parameter that was causing FV to always start in maximized state, discarding the last window position

+ New: Folder Sync between panes, even between archive, FTP, ...
+ New: New tools: Compare and Sync for files and folders
+ New: Video rotation detection. If video rotated, switch automatically to embedded VLC (because it supports auto-rotation)
+ New: Thumbs in Thumb Flow are now clickable
+ New: Possibility to put the display of the folder tabs on top or bottom
+ New: Added 'Close to tray' feature
+ New: It possible to use FileVoyager as an independant viewer using -FVViewer parameter. Syntax: {PathToFV}\FileVoyager.exe -FVViewer {PathOfFileToView}. Where PathToFV is the path of FileVoyager's folder, and {PathOfFileToView} is the path of the file, well... to view
~ Chg: Made 'Show Hide App Bar' available from the Classic UI's menu
~ Chg: Disabled the theming of the shell's contextmenu as it's completely broken under Windows 10 and had too many bugs
~ Chg: VLC codecs updated to 2.2.0
~ Chg: Swapped Tools and Navigate menus in Classic UI toolbar
- Fix: Choice to show AppBar with 32x32 icons was not restored on restart
- Fix: Corrected a bug in the single-click for thumbnails. The last hovered item was selected even if mouse didn't last on it
- Fix: In the Colors options (preferences window), the preview of the color choices is restored
- Fix: In Viewer's Info Pane, the Rotation info of videos was not shown (must be hidden for non rotated video, but shown otherwise)
- Fix: In forlder lists, pressing SPACE to toggle the selection was not working for files anymore

+ New: It's possible now to switch between the Ribbon UI and the Classic UI
+ New: AppBar can now be displayed with big 32x32 icons
+ New: It's possible to navigate using single-click
~ Chg: Author news combo is more compact now

+ New: Implemented 64 bits stub for context menu. Now FV displays the 64 bits context menu of the Shell (if running on 64 bits system of course)
~ Chg: Czech translation almost completed (99.9%) thanks to Vlastimil Vozdecky
- Fix: Drag & Drop - Resolved issue when dragdropping an item from winrt (win10) into FV
- Fix: Resolved conflict of ssleay and libeay dlls when an incompatible version is in a registered path of the running system. Solution is to put the dlls in the app folder

+ New: Added possibility to disable RSS newsfeed showing at the top of the main window
+ New: Added possibility to never check for update
~ Chg: Removed the AcidSpunk audio visualisation because it writes data in the registry and it's not possible to disable that
- Fix: Removed the creation of a "vis.ini" file that was accidentally put in c:\windows folder
- Fix: A bug in the metadata pane of the viewer that was repeating a line each time the file was scrolled (only in Syntax highlighting mode)

+ New: Added 3 new view modes for the files and folders listing: Large Icons, List and Thumbnails in grid mode
+ New: Added in the viewer an information that gives a lot of info about the file currently viewed. In the case of photos, when they contain their geolocalisation, a map of the position is displayed
~ Chg: Removed the info view from the viewer as it is made obsolete by the new Information pane
~ Chg: Added Slovak language (about 100% complete)
~ Chg: The viewer now handles and plays the supported playlists when they are open for view
~ Chg: Added eps, ps and xps files to file supported by the Sumatra mode in the viewer
- Fix: Correction of the preview handling of fonts
- Fix: Corrected the restore of the last position when FV is started
- Fix: Correction of the display of the file types when browsing a Library folder(win7/8/8.1/10)
- Fix: FTP(S) - Correction of many bugs

- Fix: Now permanently deleting or moving a Reparse Point (junctions, Symbolic link, ...) doesn't impact the target items anymore
- Fix: When items are sent to the Recycle Bin, the user is now warned if the Recycle Bin is disabled on the parent volume of the Items
+ New: Now FV is more adapted to handle DPI variations and font change (all forms have been reingeneerd)
- Fix: Fixed copy and move issue when destination folder doesn't exist
+ New: Added parameter to enable/disable theming of the Shell Context menu (disabled by default)
+ New: Added parameter to enable/disable the underlining of the folders
+ New: Extended detection of supported Audio/Video formats to VLC supported formats
+ New: Now Last Accessed, Creation Date and Attributes columns are optional (hidden by default)
~ Chg: Now drag items over any empty space of the list is interpreted as a drag over the parent folder
+ New: Now context menu from background of the list shows the parent folder' shell menu
- Fix: Resolved issue with icons in treeview
- Fix: Resolved some display issues with UNICODE
- Fix: Made uniform the behaviour with Control Panel for 32bits app running on 64bits system (among Explorer list, Treeview and Crumbbar)
~ Chg: When copying selected items name/path/dir and no item was selected, the focused item was not taken into account resulting in nothing copied
- Fix: Enable/disable buttons in ribbon according to focused item and current path
~ Chg: Renamed second search column from 'Folder' to 'Full path'
~ Chg: View mode buttons are now of variable size, resulting in a more compact toolbar

+ New: SumatraPDF integrated for viewing of eBooks (.epub, .mobi, .fb2, ...), of pdf, of comicbooks (.crb, .cbz, ...), of (o)xps, of djvu, ...
+ New: Support of operations on System32 on 64bits. System32 is handled now as a virtual folder
+ New: Added "New instance of FileVoyager as Admin" in File menu
+ New: When FV 32bits is running on 64bits, ControlPanel is not browsable in depth. Items are now opened outside FV
~ Chg: Removed drag source capability of TabFolders as it was not working correctly
~ Chg: Removed usage of system column sizes when in virtual folders. System sizes were not satisfying
~ Chg: Russian translation improved by muadib
~ Chg: Russian translation Locale Identifier value corrected
~ Chg: Translation file naming pattern now contain language name translated and language name in English. e.g: "Fran├žais (French).lng";
~ Chg: Blog feed is now updated at program startup and then, once a day
~ Chg: Links in aboutbox\credits are now clickable
- Fix: Suppression of a memory leak
- Fix: When in PEInfo mode, "File\Export to HTML" was wrongly enabled
- Fix: Repaired copy/move to '..'. When setting .. as destination folder, the operation was failing

+ New: Added a author's post feed below FV's title bar
+ New: Added Russian language created and offered by Muadib
+ New: Added DKLang file in the "Lang" folder, so translators will have the source file to create translations
- Fix: File Exploration - Corrected the issue preventing file operations from/to virtual folders (like smartphones folders)
- Fix: Viewer - Repaired the syntax highlighting feature

+ Initial release

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