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FileVoyager Changelog
Note: The release date corresponds to the version of the release.
Ex: Release = 17/05/24 = 17 May 2024

Release 24.5.17
+ New: Language: Added Chinese Simplified (Translation by Wang Jingyu)
~ Chg: General: FileVoyager detects now if a disk/volume/partition supports Short/Alternate filenames (8.3). When a user wants to copy or display filenames and/or paths in 8.3 shortnames, and the disk/volume/partition doesn't store them, FileVoyager warns the user.
~ Chg: General: Added the directive {$DYNAMICBASE ON} to minimize the risk to be put in quarantine by some antiviruses. This directive provides secure protection against attacks based on buffer overrun.
- Fix: Navigation: Fixed the crashes of FileVoyager whan a mail or a URL was dragged and dropped on it (Forum:filevoyager-crashes-when-dragging-url-from-browser).

Release 24.4.13
+ New: Viewer: Native support of AutoCAD DWG previews in thumbnails and viewer. It's not a full support of the DWG format, FV extracts the embedded preview thumbnail in the file if any
+ New: Viewer: When opening a supported Playlist file, the file was used to open tracks and it was not possible to view the source of the file. Now selecting another view mode than MM, eg Text, will display the content of the file
+ New: Viewer: It's now possible to pause/resume a multimedia file by clicking the visualisation window
+ New: Viewer: Added support of syntax highlighting for: Silktest, Meson, HQL & PIG, Hollywood
~ Chg: General: Updated Scintilla API calls to the latest version
~ Chg: General: Updated VLC API calls to the latest version
~ Chg: General: Updated 7-Zip to version 23.1 from 9.20 (cfr to 7-zip history for changes)
~ Chg: Diff: Significant improvement in File Comparison performances
- Fix: Viewer: Fixed the crashes of the Viewer when opening an SVG file (Forum:access-violation-for-svg-preview/)
- Fix: Navigation: Fixed an annoying behaviour that caused the file/folder list to jump in a certain scenario
- Fix: Navigation: The hidden and system files icons were not "ghosted" in Thumbnail and Large report views
- Fix: Diff: Solved an issue where the File Comparison was empty
- Fix: Viewer: Support of EPS file format is reintroduced after having been removed in previous version of FV due to potential crashes that have been fixed since then
- Fix: Viewer: In strict Windows setups like those in enterprises, the Viewer sometimes didn't launch due to AppLocker blocking ExifTool in the Temp folder. Now, the Viewer detects and resolves this issue. However, accessing metadata from ExifTool is not be possible in these cases.

Release 24.1.20
+ New: Viewer: Native support of Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) file format in thumbnails and viewer (powered by Angus Johnson Image32 library -
+ New: Viewer: Support of JPEG XR Image (jxr & wdp) HD Photo, aka Windows HD Photo, file format in thumbnails and viewer
~ Chg: Navigation: The 'More' button in the DrivesPanel has now the Favorites icon
- Fix: Search: The Search was often failing due to an access violation of the search thread, after the first result was displayed (VCL changes directly from a thread are forbidden)
- Fix: General: Starting FV in minimized mode was not putting it in the Systray altough the option is activated (Forum:fv-now-starts-to-the-taskbar)
- Fix: General: Classic menu UI was broken. Menu was hidden by a wide panel (Forum:fv-24-1-1-0-breaks-classic-ui-menu)
- Fix: Navigation: When editing a filename, pressing Ctrl+A was processed by the files/folders list (Forum:ctrl-a-behavior)
- Fix: General: Some captions were not translated while translations were in the .lng files

Release 24.1.1
~ Chg: General: Complete code porting from Delphi 2006 to Delphi 10.4. This required a lot of refactoring and clean up of the code
~ Chg: Viewer: Introduced a retry mechanism when loading preview of HEIC files, because initial call is delayed by Windows (PENDING)
~ Chg: Archiving: Migration from 7-zip 9.20 to 23.01
~ Chg: Viewer: Migration from VLC 2.2.0 to 3.0.20
~ Chg: Viewer: Maps - Migration to HERE Maps API v3
~ Chg: Viewer: Maps - Implementation of Mercator Projection to use with OpenStreetMap and HERE
~ Chg: Viewer: Maps - Implementation of Dark Mode (Styling for HERE, Google Maps and Bing Maps), forced via negative filter on OpenStreetMap and Yandex Maps
- Fix: Favorites: Fixed theme/skin coloring of the wizard used to add a favorite
- Fix: Viewer: Fixed theming/skinning of the playlist listbox
- Fix: General: Several fixes mainly to Hi-DPI support

Release 23.8.26
+ New: Navigation: Implemented "Natural Sorting" aka "Logical Order" when listing files/folders ( Natural Sorting is used in Windows' File Explorer and many other file manager. It's possible to use the simple alphabetical sorting by disabling "Sort with Logical Order" in Preferences in the "Files and Folders color" section
- Fix: Viewer: "Go to" (Ctrl+G) was broken
- Fix: Viewer: Spectrum (oscilloscope) was not working in certain modes + simplified code and removed asm dependencies
- Fix: Viewer: Fixed a bug that caused the display of flat files (txt, source code, ...) to start at the end of the file
- Fix: Viewer: Correction of the non latin UTF8 support, using Scintilla instead of Richedit
- Fix: Viewer: Removed a false positive error message display while viewing flat files in a Virtual Machine
- Fix: Navigation: The context menu inside an archive file was not themed correctly
- Fix: Navigation: Calc Dir Size was causing some random unrequested file selections
- Fix: General: Fixed a concurrent race condition preventing some component to write to the ini file on program close, loosing some user settings
~ Chg: Viewer: Updated Richedit framework to latest version
~ Chg: Navigation: Some UI change in the file operation confirmation window: "Remove selected" was interpreted as a delete while it's just used to remove items from the queue. The new position should be less ambiguous

Release 23.5.7
+ New: Added Arabic and Dutch translations
+ New: Added Single Instance capabilities (check in Preferences\General)
- Fix: Some bugfixes and language corrections

Release 22.11.13
+ New: Viewer: Integration of ExifTool ( instead of MediaInfo. ExifTool provides EXIF metadata for a very large number of file formats. As a consequence, MediaInfo is removed from the distribution.
+ New: Viewer: When they contain Geolocation, the map is now displayed in the Metadata pane also for videos and images other than TIFF and JPEG thanks to ExifTool
+ New: Viewer: The file path in the address bar can now be copied via contextmenu
- Fix: Viewer: Optimization of the metadata reading. Previously, metadata was read every time the view mode was changed. Now it's read once per file
- Fix: General: The automatic check for a new version of FileVoyager was randomly failing due to an uninitialized variable
- Fix: Viewer: The Viewer used to crash on close when it was open from the Directory Diff tool
- Fix: Viewer: For some pictures, only the icon was displayed instead of their content
- Fix: Viewer: "Go To" (Ctrl+G) was failing to show when the default detected mode was not a text mode
- Fix: General: Fixed a DPI issue for the search
- Fix: General: Some memory leaks fixed and some code cleanup
~ Chg: Viewer: The viewer now starts the subprocesses (Sumatra & ExifTool) as Windows' Jobs. That way, even if Viewer crashes, the subprocesses are terminated. This avoids leaving orphan processes running on user's machine

+ New: Viewer: Upgrade to last Scintilla 5.3 brought syntax highlighting for: asciidoc, asl, cil, CoffeeScript, DataFlex, FSharp, JSON, LateX, MarkDown, Maxima, Nim, Raku, Registry, Rust, SAS, Swift, VisualProlog
+ New: Viewer: Upgrade to last SumatraPDF 3.4.1 brought support for annotations (add/remove/edit), High DPI support, rotation tools, command palette (press Ctrl+K), color inversion (can be used as Dark Mode - Press i)
+ New: Viewer: Support for Groove (.zpl) playlists
+ New: Viewer: Support for iTunes (.xml) playlists
+ New: FTP: Migrated from OpenSSL 1.0.2 to OpenSSL 3
+ New: FTP: Added support of MLSD commands
+ New: FTP: Added support to TLS 1.3
- Fix: Language: Completed Slovenian (Translation by Jadran Rudec)
- Fix: FTP: In some situations, an overwrite of an FTP file didn't raise a confirmation dialog
- Fix: Preferences: Fixed some high DPI incompatibilities
- Fix: General: Several minor bugfixes and code cleanup
~ Chg: Navigation: Drive panel now displays the drive names on the buttons
~ Chg: Preferences: Refactored the file colorization panel that was bugged

+ New: Search: Added the possibility to preview a search result in the opposite panel
+ New: General: Basic support of Windows 11
+ New: Navigation: The infotip can be deactivated from the Preferences
+ New: Viewer: It's now possible to rename or delete a file while it's previewing in the Viewer
- Fix: General: Several fixes for high DPI rendering
- Fix: Navigation: Fixed an issue breaking folders renaming in the Tree view
- Fix: Viewer: Pictures were not rotated (if needed) when the Metadata panel was not displayed
- Fix: Viewer: The search in the Viewer was not working with non-Latin filenames
- Fix: Navigation: Fixed another theming issue where text of the list was written black on black background
- Fix: Navigation: Fixed the unreadable transaction log of the FTP(s) when in Dark mode
~ Chg: General: German translation updated
~ Chg: AppBar: Added item's name in deletion confirmation dialog (when it was not the case, it was impossible to know which was about to be deleted)
~ Chg: General: Replaced the old "Browse For Folders" dialog with the new Windows experience (Normal Open File dialog + Select Folder button)

- Fix: Navigation: Fixed a theming issue where text of the list was written black on black background
- Fix: Navigation: The "Rename" entry of the context menu was not working anymore
- Fix: Diff: Fixed a loading of file issue due to a unicode error

+ New: General: Change from Ribbon to Simplified Ribbon. A more compact display wasting less space than the full Ribbon.
+ New: General: Dark theme is now available
+ New: General: Themes can be immersive (All the components will be themed when Immersive Theme is activated)
+ New: Navigation: Added Middle-click with mouse to close TabFolders
+ New: Viewer: Support display of HEIF pictures (.heic). Needs MS' HEIF Image Extensions) or a third party codec provider (e.g. CopyTrans HEIC for Windows)
+ New: Viewer: Now reacts to Keyboard's multimedia keys even if viewer window is not active
+ New: Navigation: By pressing the back button of the Mouse, the previous path is displayed. If it's a parent of the initial one, the initial folder will be focused
+ New: Language: Added partial Portuguese translation (21% of total) (Translation started by Nelson André Hofer de Carvalho)
~ Chg: Viewer: The map displayed for images location is now working. It allows the use of OpenStreetMap, Yandex.Maps, HERE Maps (API Key needed), Bing Maps (API Key needed) and Google Maps (API Key needed)
~ Chg: File Operations: Now the default button of the Operation Confirmation window is "Ok". It remains "Cancel" if the irrecoverable deletion is the chosen operation
~ Chg: AppBar: Cached icons are now named with the CRC32 hash of their path to avoid collision of two identical filenames having different icons
~ Chg: AppBar: Added more registry support to display more installed apps when clicking on "Add Programs..." in the contextmenu of the AppBar
- Fix: Navigation: Fixed an old bug when in thumbnail mode. The showing of thumbnail caused a memory leak. Showing a big number og thumbnails caused FV to crash. A refactoring of a big chunk of the app was necessary to fix the issue
- Fix: General: Removed a "debug" message that was showing when sending FV to system tray (minimize or close to tray)
- Fix: General: Some fixes to High DPI support
- Fix: Fixed various UI issues
- Fix: Navigation: Shift+Alt+Enter to calculate sizes of the folders was failing when a file was focused
- Fix: Navigation: Mouse scroll interact now with the hovered pane, not the focused one as previously
- Fix: AppBar: Fixed quality issue of the icons
- Fix: TextDiff: Confirmation dialog was not translated
- Fix: Diff: Main diff window was not themed

+ New: Language: Added Italian (Translation by Roberto Scassellati)
+ New: Language: Added Slovenian (Translation by Jadran Rudec)
~ Chg: Language: German translation updated (by Andras Ohlmann)
~ Chg: Language: Spanish translation updated (by Calebs)
~ Chg: Language: Russian translation updated (by Bonvivant)
~ Chg: Language: Hungarian translation updated (by Lajos Nagyvati aka LaMoLa)
- Fix: Diff: In TextDiff, an issue was randomly flagging lines as "modified"
- Fix: Viewer: The syntax highlighting was failing to load files with some unicode characters in the path
- Fix: Viewer: The map displayed for images with GPS Coordinates stopped working after Google change the access permissions to the API. FV uses now the API.
- Fix: Language: Some labels were not multilangual
- Fix: Navigation: Files/Folders dropped on FileVoyager from another application were handled as if they were virtual items (transitting by the Temp folder first)

- New: Language: Added Hungarian (Translation by Lajos Nagyvati aka LaMoLa)
- New: Viewer: Support of the Keyboard Multimedia keys (Play, Pause, Stop, Previous track and Next Track)
- New: Navigation Lists: Support of the Backward and Forward buttons of mouses
- New: Navigation Lists: A button with a funnel icon is now displayed on the CrumbBar when the list is filtered
- New: Navigation Lists: Possibility to choose whether to show or not thumbnails in the infotips
- New: Command line: Possibility to start FileVoyager with left and right folder passed in the command line (FileVoyager.exe -FVLeft "pathtoleftfolder" -FVRight "pathtorighfolder")
- New: Diff: Possibility to use an external Diff tool
- New: Diff: Possibility to define custom colors for internal Diff tool highlighting
- New: Diff: In the folder comparison, it's now possible to show only the different items, hiding the unchanged ones
- New: Diff: In the file comparison, it's now possible to jump from diff to diff. In previous versions of FV, the buttons were present but no code behind them
- New: Navigation Trees: Now Treeview shows the overlays on icons
~ Chg: Filter: Added a button to reset the form fields
~ Chg: MainForm: Added the Splitter menu in the Ribbon (View\[Customize Pane]\Splitter) and the Classic menu (View\Splitter)
~ Chg: MainForm: The classic menu, if used, is now dockable to any side of the MainForm
~ Chg: Navigation Lists: In the 'Attributes' column, the property FILE_ATTRIBUTE_RECALL_ON_DATA_ACCESS is now shown as 'M' instead of 'R'
- Fix: AboutBox: The links to websites in the credits were opening inside the AboutBox. Now they open in the default browser
- Fix: Diff: In the folder comparison, it was impossible to collapse a node if a child was focused

+ New: Hash: Integration with to get scan reports or make files submission to the web service
+ New: Language: Added German (Translation by Andreas Ohlmann)
+ New: Hash and VirusTotal tool can be invoked from the context menu (right click) of a file or folder
+ New: Navigation: File/folder attributes are now displaying the extended NTFS attributes
+ New: Setup: Language chosen is Setup is now used as startup language of FileFoyager
- Fix: Navigation: Corrected the wrong position of the crumb navigation menu on a multi-display setup
- Fix: FV used to rely a lot on GetShortPathName. On systems where GetShortPathName is not supported by a disk partition, FV behavior was downgraded. Now FV will work even if GetShortPathName is not supported
- Fix: Corrected an issue when a double click on MS office files opened them in archive mode instead of launching them with their associated applications
- Fix: Lateral drive pane was not updated in case of language change
- Fix: Size of components (buttons and labels) is adapted better to support languages that need more space
- Fix: Solved the web update check for new version
+ New: FileVoyager now contains a Hash tool
- Fix: Globally: Complete rework of the various visual components to be DPI aware
- Fix: Navigation: Many issues due to the bad DPI awareness are now solved (eg: Shell Contextmenu unresponsive outside 96 dpi)
- Fix: Viewer: "Banned" the Blob audio visualization as it makes Win 10 crash (and maybe other versions too).
+ New: Language: Added Swedish (Translation by Christer)
~ Chg: Licensing of FileVoyager changed from Creative Commons to Freeware EULA
~ Chg: When using custom colors for folder listing, the Selection background color is now used prior to the Odd background color
- Fix: When system context menu, for file or folder, is trigger through keyboard, the menu did not had the keyboard focus
- Fix: When showing, the operation confirmation window was topmost, even when FV was deactivated. Now it's topmost to FV only
- Fix: Comparison window's position and size are now restored
- Fix: Autoupdate doesn't download the installer when in Portable version
- Fix: When Ribbon was collapsed, any change in the preferences made the Ribbon expanded again
- Fix: Preferences dialog is now closable using ESC
+ New: Language: Added Spanish (Translation created by myself, so probably not as good as if a perfect spanish speaking one had done it)

+ New: Navigation Panes: User can use checkboxes to select items
+ New: Navigation Panes: User can use a "Rectangle Marquee" by dragging from an empty area
~ Chg: General: Removed many pre-creation of secondary forms to speed up the starting
~ Chg: FTP(S): Upgraded OpenSSL dll to 1.0.2j and Synapse to support TLS 1.2 and the latest security levels
- Fix: Navigation Panes: Corrected a bug that caused a selection to be changed after a Refresh
- Fix: Navigation Panes: Resolved a bug causing item to be dragged even when they were not under drag beginning
- Fix: General: Removed a deprecated parameter that was causing FV to always start in maximized state, discarding the last window position

+ New: Folder Sync between panes, even between archive, FTP, ...
+ New: New tools: Compare and Sync for files and folders
+ New: Video rotation detection. If video rotated, switch automatically to embedded VLC (because it supports auto-rotation)
+ New: Thumbs in Thumb Flow are now clickable
+ New: Possibility to put the display of the folder tabs on top or bottom
+ New: Added 'Close to tray' feature
+ New: It possible to use FileVoyager as an independant viewer using -FVViewer parameter. Syntax: {PathToFV}\FileVoyager.exe -FVViewer {PathOfFileToView}. Where PathToFV is the path of FileVoyager's folder, and {PathOfFileToView} is the path of the file, well... to view
~ Chg: Made 'Show Hide App Bar' available from the Classic UI's menu
~ Chg: Disabled the theming of the shell's contextmenu as it's completely broken under Windows 10 and had too many bugs
~ Chg: VLC codecs updated to 2.2.0
~ Chg: Swapped Tools and Navigate menus in Classic UI toolbar
- Fix: Choice to show AppBar with 32x32 icons was not restored on restart
- Fix: Corrected a bug in the single-click for thumbnails. The last hovered item was selected even if mouse didn't last on it
- Fix: In the Colors options (preferences window), the preview of the color choices is restored
- Fix: In Viewer's Info Pane, the Rotation info of videos was not shown (must be hidden for non rotated video, but shown otherwise)
- Fix: In forlder lists, pressing SPACE to toggle the selection was not working for files anymore

+ New: It's possible now to switch between the Ribbon UI and the Classic UI
+ New: AppBar can now be displayed with big 32x32 icons
+ New: It's possible to navigate using single-click
~ Chg: Author news combo is more compact now

+ New: Implemented 64 bits stub for context menu. Now FV displays the 64 bits context menu of the Shell (if running on 64 bits system of course)
~ Chg: Czech translation almost completed (99.9%) thanks to Vlastimil Vozdecky
- Fix: Drag & Drop - Resolved issue when dragdropping an item from winrt (win10) into FV
- Fix: Resolved conflict of ssleay and libeay dlls when an incompatible version is in a registered path of the running system. Solution is to put the dlls in the app folder

+ New: Added possibility to disable RSS newsfeed showing at the top of the main window
+ New: Added possibility to never check for update
~ Chg: Removed the AcidSpunk audio visualisation because it writes data in the registry and it's not possible to disable that
- Fix: Removed the creation of a "vis.ini" file that was accidentally put in c:\windows folder
- Fix: A bug in the metadata pane of the viewer that was repeating a line each time the file was scrolled (only in Syntax highlighting mode)

+ New: Added 3 new view modes for the files and folders listing: Large Icons, List and Thumbnails in grid mode
+ New: Added in the viewer an information that gives a lot of info about the file currently viewed. In the case of photos, when they contain their geolocalisation, a map of the position is displayed
~ Chg: Removed the info view from the viewer as it is made obsolete by the new Information pane
~ Chg: Added Slovak language (about 100% complete)
~ Chg: The viewer now handles and plays the supported playlists when they are open for view
~ Chg: Added eps, ps and xps files to file supported by the Sumatra mode in the viewer
- Fix: Correction of the preview handling of fonts
- Fix: Corrected the restore of the last position when FV is started
- Fix: Correction of the display of the file types when browsing a Library folder(win7/8/8.1/10)
- Fix: FTP(S) - Correction of many bugs

- Fix: Now permanently deleting or moving a Reparse Point (junctions, Symbolic link, ...) doesn't impact the target items anymore
- Fix: When items are sent to the Recycle Bin, the user is now warned if the Recycle Bin is disabled on the parent volume of the Items
+ New: Now FV is more adapted to handle DPI variations and font change (all forms have been reingeneerd)
- Fix: Fixed copy and move issue when destination folder doesn't exist
+ New: Added parameter to enable/disable theming of the Shell Context menu (disabled by default)
+ New: Added parameter to enable/disable the underlining of the folders
+ New: Extended detection of supported Audio/Video formats to VLC supported formats
+ New: Now Last Accessed, Creation Date and Attributes columns are optional (hidden by default)
~ Chg: Now drag items over any empty space of the list is interpreted as a drag over the parent folder
+ New: Now context menu from background of the list shows the parent folder' shell menu
- Fix: Resolved issue with icons in treeview
- Fix: Resolved some display issues with UNICODE
- Fix: Made uniform the behaviour with Control Panel for 32bits app running on 64bits system (among Explorer list, Treeview and Crumbbar)
~ Chg: When copying selected items name/path/dir and no item was selected, the focused item was not taken into account resulting in nothing copied
- Fix: Enable/disable buttons in ribbon according to focused item and current path
~ Chg: Renamed second search column from 'Folder' to 'Full path'
~ Chg: View mode buttons are now of variable size, resulting in a more compact toolbar

+ New: SumatraPDF integrated for viewing of eBooks (.epub, .mobi, .fb2, ...), of pdf, of comicbooks (.crb, .cbz, ...), of (o)xps, of djvu, ...
+ New: Support of operations on System32 on 64bits. System32 is handled now as a virtual folder
+ New: Added "New instance of FileVoyager as Admin" in File menu
+ New: When FV 32bits is running on 64bits, ControlPanel is not browsable in depth. Items are now opened outside FV
~ Chg: Removed drag source capability of TabFolders as it was not working correctly
~ Chg: Removed usage of system column sizes when in virtual folders. System sizes were not satisfying
~ Chg: Russian translation improved by muadib
~ Chg: Russian translation Locale Identifier value corrected
~ Chg: Translation file naming pattern now contain language name translated and language name in English. e.g: "Français (French).lng";
~ Chg: Blog feed is now updated at program startup and then, once a day
~ Chg: Links in aboutbox\credits are now clickable
- Fix: Suppression of a memory leak
- Fix: When in PEInfo mode, "File\Export to HTML" was wrongly enabled
- Fix: Repaired copy/move to '..'. When setting .. as destination folder, the operation was failing

+ New: Added a author's post feed below FV's title bar
+ New: Added Russian language created and offered by Muadib
+ New: Added DKLang file in the "Lang" folder, so translators will have the source file to create translations
- Fix: File Exploration - Corrected the issue preventing file operations from/to virtual folders (like smartphones folders)
- Fix: Viewer - Repaired the syntax highlighting feature

+ Initial release

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