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Hi aldecimo!

Favourites, it works only with the left panel also when the right panel is active

Unable to reproduce this behaviour. It works fine with my instance

File zip/rar: opening these files sometimes they open in the same window (best option), sometimes in a new external windows

It’s by design and it’s not foreseen to change this for the moment.

Preview panel: is it possible to predefine by default which visualization mode (…sumatrapdf) to use to preview a kind of file?

That’s a good point. I’ve put it in my todo list.

Is it possible to have the Exploration menu bar in the right panel?

Everything available right, exist also left. But I don’t get what you mean by ‘Exploration menu bar’ ?

The preview menu lacks of the Rotate option (toward left or right)

Indeed, it’s not implemented. At this moment. It’s a very passive viewer.

Research menu: the research cannot be done with cloud files mirrored on the pc

Indeed, when the cloud files are not synced locally. This would require an implementation with the cloud provider.

When I grab a file to move it in a folder the “Operation confirmation” starts by default with the copy option and not (as intuitively should) as Move option.

That’s correct. A prefer to have a constant behaviour. It’s not easy for not-tech-savyy people to understand why sometimes a drag-drop default to a ‘copy’, and sometimes to a ‘move’.
You can press ‘Shift’ on your keyboard while drag-dropping to initiate a ‘move’

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