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Thank you for your input!

CE is a wonderful app. I’m sorry to see it falling slowly in the dark abandonware area. But I know myself how hard it is to keep a freeware alive.

Anyway! Back to your feature requests. I think each one of your item deserves a dedicated topic…

1. Default File Manager:
It’s tempting. To do things properly, I would have to support the cmd line parameters “explorer.exe” does support. But that’s not a big deal.
What’s annoys me is changing an important Registry value. If the user is not aware enough of the impact and uninstalls FV without restoring the Registry key, he’ll stay with a broken Windows.
Well, with a pretty clear disclaimer, I should be able to raise user’s awareness. Replacing explorer.exe would be done only on user’s voluntary choice, after all.
Ok, Suggestion accepted!

2. Internal File Associations:
I love the idea. Suggestion accepted!

3. Optimize Switching Single/Dual Pane:
Yes, I could improve the Single/Dual mode. I don’t know if you noticed it, but there’s a context menu, with quick choices, if you right click on the splitter.

4. Turn off Full Row Selection:
Turning off full row selection: What for? It’s unclear for me what you want to gain or avoid by turning it off?
About the selection, have you tried the Right-Click and slide over items (à la Norton Commander)? Isn’t it enough?

5. Customize Toolbars:
For the Ribbon menu mode, I reject your request.
For the Classic UI mode, suggestion accepted! The components that I use for the toolbars comes with a Customizer. I haven’t implemented it so far because I haven’t found a way to make it multi-lingual aware.

6. Toolbar Locations:
I thought it was already drag-droppable… I’ll check as soon as I can.

7. Main Menu as a Button Menu:
I’ll see what I can do. Suggestion accepted!

8. Drives Toolbar:
Ok, not a big deal. Suggestion accepted! But what about a simple ComboBox instead, in the existing pane’s toolbars? If we talk about screen space optimization, we can’t do better than a ComboBox.

Again, thank you for this interesting input.

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