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WOW!!! Thanks for accepting my suggestions. As I said I do have several more, so I hope it’s not too much to ask of you, but they’d help FV become much more usable and improve it’s workflow.

For now though I’ll just elaborate on some of the aforementioned…

3. Optimize Switching Single/Dual Pane:
Aha! I thought I saw that menu somewhere. But a menu option or button to switch directly between the two states would be more effective. It would be much quicker and easier to select. Perhaps a single Toolbar Button that switches between Single Pane and the last Dual Pane State?

4. Turn off Full Row Selection:

Turning off full row selection: What for? It’s unclear for me what you want to gain or avoid by turning it off?

Ok, my reason for this is that, in a traditional File Manager, when the Pane is filled, using the L-Click and slide doesn’t work to select items. The reason is that if the pane is filled, a click will drag that single item. Hence you need a void space that does not react to clicks. That way you hover in this void, click, drag over the items to be selected and presto, they are highlighted ready for your operation, move delete, etc.

I have also tried this R-Click and slide you mention, it didn’t work. I couldn’t actually figure out how to select several items without using the Ctrl key and L-Clicking. Hence my request for a more traditional method for non-commander users, who would prefer simplicity over the current method. There are more people using this traditional method for selection in WE and the many other file managers.

  • This is really two requests:
    a. Allow traditional selection as in WE.
    b. Turn off full row selection.

5. Customize Toolbars:
My apologies, I should have mentioned this request was only for the traditional Toolbars. I realise that the Ribbon is a different beast. I would be perfectly happy with the option you validated.

6. Toolbar Locations:

I thought it was already drag-droppable… I’ll check as soon as I can.

Well, yes, they are indeed draggable, but are limited in their locations.
Try and drag the Favourites Bar and locate it above the file view area and inline with the App Bar, you can’t. In fact, the only location for the Fav Bar is where it resides, at the bottom of the window.

But this wouldn’t be such an issue if ALL Buttons and Toolbars were customisable so you could place Buttons on any Toolbar.

8. Drives Toolbar:

But what about a simple ComboBox instead, in the existing pane’s toolbars?

The only issue with a combo box is that you can’t see at a glance what drives are connected and accessing them requires extra clicks. Agreed, it is minimal, but reduces workflow, imho.

A specific Toolbar for Drives would allow all drives to be seen and accessed directly. You are familiar with CE, so maybe look at that to see how it’s done?

Just a thought, I believe CE is open source, so, is it not possible to use code snippets from this? Marko, CE’s dev, has taken down the website due to massive amounts of spam, but I have his email and may be able to get the source code if you wish. I do believe it was also written in Delphi, could be wrong though.

Thank you again for being so receptive, I do hope FV can replace CE, at least for me. But my most problematic issue is not knowing how to use it! Specifically, I’m talking of the seection problem stated above in fr #4.

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