FileVoyager released!

Voilà! FileVoyager is available.
This is a maintenance version that bring the following improvements:

  • Added Russian language (Many thanks to Muadib for the effort!)
  • Added FileVoyager news feeds with my latest post links to keep you informed
  • Fixed the syntax highlighting in the viewer
  • Fixed the copy/move/delete operations with virtual folder as source or destination
  • Added DKLang file in the \Lang folder of the installation path to ease the translations. The DKLang file is the source file for translations and can be used with DKLang Translation Editor

But don’t forget that more is to come – see What’s coming next post for and example.

If you already have FileVoyager installed, it will inform you that an update is available, and if you accept it, will do the rest for you.
If you don’t have FileVoyager installed, hey! what are you waiting for? Get it! It’s free after all, totally free.

FileVoyager released! was last modified: May 4th, 2016 by FileVoyager (Author)
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