FileVoyager – Really portable now?

In The Portable Freeware Collection forum, I had a discussion with some contributors.
The debate was “Is Portable FileVoyager really portable ?“.

The conclusion was: “FileVoyager is not 100% portable!” 😯

One reason was that one of the Audio Visualization plugin used was writing data in the registry. Even though it was documented with the plugin, I missed that fact. And a Portable application should not leave data in the machine’s registry without the user consent.
So I removed the plugin from my packages.

The other reason was that FileVoyager was writing a file named “vis.ini” into the c:\windows directory. Bad Bad Bad!
So I removed that piece of code (It was useless anyway).

The guys also suggested me that it would be nice to have options to disable the RSS news reader, and the automatic update check.
So I implemented those options in the Preferences windows (into the General page, to be precise).

I love those contributions/suggestions from users, that’s what can make FileVoyager better release after release.

Now I hope that “FileVoyager is 100% portable!“.

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