Coming soon: the Hash tool

In my latest release (17.03.25), the Hash tool has been unveiled by accident 😅 (see into the red rectangle below)

ficut Tools Run dialog box Display properties System nstalled software Date and time properties Embedded Viewer External Viewer Viewers External' Viewers Disk properties Disk Compare listed - paths Compare items Compare and Sync Tool Hash

Maybe some of you have clicked on it wondering what it was doing… Well, it does nothing.
The button is already visible, but not linked to the Hash tool yet.

Anyway, the Hash tool is ready. The next release, which is coming very soon, will bring it for real.
That Hash tool will allow you to get files’ checksums and hashes. Just look at the visuals below:

FileVoyager Hashes How.To.Create.TransIation.... Full Path Voyager\ Remove selected items [3 Recursive (when input item is a folder) Algorit h ms Select the algorithms to compute Z] CRC (16) C] CRC (32) C] Haval (128) (160) C] Haval (192) C] Haval (224) C] Haval (256) C] MD2 (128) C] MD4 (128) Z] MDS (128) Panama (256) MD (160) C] Ripe MD (320) Sapphire (128) Z] SRA-I (160) Z] SHA (256) C] SHA (384) Z] SHA (512) C] Snefru (128) C] Snefru (256) (128) (128) Whirlpool (512) Whirlpooll (512) Add files Add folder Compute hashes Cancel

Texte de remplacement généré par une machine : FileVoyager Hashes Na me How.To.Create.TransIatio... CRC (16) MD5 (128) SHA-I (160) SHA (256) SHA (512) Save to CSV CRC (16) DDD07FIE DDD07FIE MDS (128) AF42DAE5D8A258AC394CDF6E8A... SHA-I (160) ODED802F87F6SODOEF058FC94( AF42DAE5D8A258AC394CDF6E8AC76FOC ODED802F87F650DOEF058FC94C868C402270E5i4 187598D990E4FC93D98F1 D75AD9886FE5779D07E811745548532EE6A6C8EFCCO 84484E4C88AC42C8F812EC844EF896A5988EFFC724D07882DB318A63EA93F68271CDOE8ADE904D66C88E89 Save to files Cancel and back to settings

If you have interest for this kind of tool, just be patient a few more days and, of course, stay tuned!

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