Map feature of the Viewer is broken

It seems that the map tile, that is displayed in the viewer when picture contains GPS coordinates, is broken.

When I introduced that feature, I was using Google Maps to fetch a static map tile.
Few months later, the Google Maps API was not free anymore ;(.

So I decided to use the similar service of (OSM).
Recently it stopped working and I realized that the guys at OSM were deliberately blocking FileVoyager’s requests.
I will not blame them, as I discovered that I was not completely fulfilling the Term Of Use. So it’s fair…

Anyway, the performances of the OSM service are honorable but not fast enough compared to the other actors.

I’m testing several services right now (Here, Yandex, Bing and Google).
They all offer a certain amount of monthly free requests.
I will probably introduce the possibility to users to use their own API Key from one of those services, by inserting it into their FileVoyager instance to use the service of their choice.
The same way I did with my integration.

If I don’t do that and use my own API Key, I take the risk that my free quota is blown and that I get a hefty bill…

Next release of FileVoyager will probably use Yandex by default, as it is completely free and require no API Key (until now). With the possibility to select another service with an own API key.

So stay tuned!

Map feature of the Viewer is broken was last modified: May 7th, 2020 by FileVoyager (Author)
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