FileVoyager 22.3.19 released!

Mainly a maintenance release, this new version solves several small issues that were reported by the community.
This update of FileVoyager is strongly recommended so, hurry up, and download the latest version!

  • New:
    • Search: Added the possibility to preview a search result in the opposite panel
    • General: Basic support of Windows 11
    • Navigation: The infotip can be deactivated from the Preferences
    • Viewer: It’s now possible to rename or delete a file while it’s previewing in the Viewer
  • Fixes:
    • General: Several fixes for high DPI rendering
    • Navigation: Fixed an issue breaking folders renaming in the Tree view
    • Viewer: Pictures were not rotated (if needed) when the Metadata panel was not displayed
    • Viewer: The search in the Viewer was not working with non-Latin filenames
    • Navigation: Fixed another theming issue where text of the list was written black on black background
    • Navigation: Fixed the unreadable transaction log of the FTP(s) when in Dark mode
  • Changes:
    • General: German translation updated
    • AppBar: Added item’s name in deletion confirmation dialog (when it was not the case, it was impossible to know which was about to be deleted)
    • General: Replaced the old “Browse For Folders” dialog with the new Windows experience (Normal Open File dialog + Select Folder button)

If you wanna know more about the changes in this version, you can already have a look at the Change Log.

And don’t forget, if you like FileVoyager and want to contribute to its development:

  • You can help by buying me a coffee , because I work on it late at night
  • You can help by creating, maintaining or correcting translation files. Head to this article, your help will be welcome.
  • You can help by creating, maintaining or correcting tutorials in the forum
  • You can help by liking, following or talking about FileVoyager in social networks, or in blog posts, or in articles.
  • You can help by reporting bugs or wrong behaviors.
  • You can help by requesting features.
  • You can help by participating in the forum.
  • Or you can still help by buying me a coffee , because I still work on it late at night

And if none of the above suits you, just use FileVoyager and if you enjoy it, I am rewarded.

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