Beware of FileVoyager for Android

I see many alerts related to a Trojan horse propagated by a certain FileVoyager for Android. This Trojan is very aggressive.
This Android application is absolutely not related to my Windows version.
I have not developed any Android application yet. The Android hackers probably used the name of my application to milead and attract Android users.

My application is safe and you can test it by yourselves with reports.

For example:

The same warning goes to FileVoyager for Windows. I see a lot of sites proposing a repackaged version of FileVoyager, supposedly cracked… Make sure to always download from or from a trusted mirror.

I will never bundle my installer with AdWare or other 3rd parties software. And if you see a cracked version of FileVoyager, move away! There’s nothing to crack in FileVoyager as it’s completely free!

Beware of FileVoyager for Android was last modified: November 27th, 2022 by FileVoyager (Author)
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