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Hi thomasmca314159,

Your feedback is greatly appreciated, helping me fine-tune FileVoyager for an even better user experience!

  • The easiest way to copy a filename is by pressing ctrl+J on the keyboard
    1. ctrl+J copies the filename
    2. ctrl+K copies the parent directory path
    3. Ctrl+L copies the filepath

The way you do it is also ok. You can enter edit mode on a file name by pressing F2 on your keyboard. Then, each subsequent time you press F2, a different file part is selected.

    1. 1st time you press F2, the filename is selected without extension
    2. 2nd time you press F2, the extension is selected
    3. 3rd time, the full filename is selected including the extension.

However, the editbox should also handle other key combination like the Ctrl+A. I’ve noted your suggestion to include support for additional key combinations like Ctrl + A, and I’ll address this in the upcoming release.

  • Regarding file selection with the mouse, FileVoyager follows the Norton Commander’s “Sticky Selection” approach. You can select and deselect files by right-clicking and sliding over them.
    Alternatively, checkboxes should appear next to selected files. If not, could you confirm if this is the case for your setup?

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