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Hi Cyrgh and welcome to the forum!

A lot of subject in your post so I will try to be well structured 🙂
Note that below, all “FV” refers to “FileVoyager”

  • Some way to hide the Ribbon :
    At the top right corner of FV, you can see a small Arrow next to the help icon. That arrow allows you to Expand/Collapse the Ribbon
  • Settings reverted to default when moved to USB :
    Have you installed the Portable version? in portable version, the settings are in the FV’s folder, while with Setup version, the settings are in the User folder.
  • Disable auto update :
    As of version, you can disable the auto update in the Preferences\General page.
  • Customize file panel column headers :
    That’s something I’m thinking about. Right now, I have some pending choices to make about the way I will implement it. I need to investigate further. Suggestion recorded!
  • Disable preview when hovering files :
    It must be easily implemented. Suggestion accepted!
  • File panel updates slowly even on a fast pc :
    That’s a difficult point. Every PC behaves differently.
  • No in-line command prompt :
    A feature that I want to implement since a long time. If I want to fulfill the OFM paradigm, the command line is a must have. Now there is a big difference in implementing a cmd line that is independent and a cmd line that can influence the behaviour of the file lists. Something I must elicit. Suggestion recorded!
  • keyboard shortcuts cannot be defined :
    I am also a kind of nerdy-keyboard-fanatic. In FV, I try to always attribute shortcuts to commands. Not sure I’m disciplined enough…
    Providing the ability to customize the shortcuts is something I can foresee. Suggestion recorded.
  • Tab ‘visualization’ has a misleading title. ‘Preview’ is better :
    I agree with you! Suggestion accepted!

Thank you for your contribution!

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