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    Hi, these are some things that I would be happy if you add to your great software.- -ability to define an alternate viewer
    -someway to hide ribbons ( i hate ribbons i like the old style menus )
    -i moved the program files to a usb drive, all the settings reverted to default
    -no way to disable auto update
    -file panel column headings cannot be added/modified
    -no way to disable file preview when mouse cursor is hovered over a file
    -file panel updates slowly even on a fast pc
    -no in-line command prompt
    -keyboard shortcuts cannot be defined ( this is very important to me, i use keyboard much faster )
    -the tab reading ‘visualization’ has a misleading title. I think it’s better to be titled ‘preview’
    -no way to redefine status line.

    thanks a lot, Cyrus…


    Hi Cyrgh and welcome to the forum!

    A lot of subject in your post so I will try to be well structured 🙂
    Note that below, all “FV” refers to “FileVoyager”

    • Some way to hide the Ribbon :
      At the top right corner of FV, you can see a small Arrow next to the help icon. That arrow allows you to Expand/Collapse the Ribbon
    • Settings reverted to default when moved to USB :
      Have you installed the Portable version? in portable version, the settings are in the FV’s folder, while with Setup version, the settings are in the User folder.
    • Disable auto update :
      As of version, you can disable the auto update in the Preferences\General page.
    • Customize file panel column headers :
      That’s something I’m thinking about. Right now, I have some pending choices to make about the way I will implement it. I need to investigate further. Suggestion recorded!
    • Disable preview when hovering files :
      It must be easily implemented. Suggestion accepted!
    • File panel updates slowly even on a fast pc :
      That’s a difficult point. Every PC behaves differently.
    • No in-line command prompt :
      A feature that I want to implement since a long time. If I want to fulfill the OFM paradigm, the command line is a must have. Now there is a big difference in implementing a cmd line that is independent and a cmd line that can influence the behaviour of the file lists. Something I must elicit. Suggestion recorded!
    • keyboard shortcuts cannot be defined :
      I am also a kind of nerdy-keyboard-fanatic. In FV, I try to always attribute shortcuts to commands. Not sure I’m disciplined enough…
      Providing the ability to customize the shortcuts is something I can foresee. Suggestion recorded.
    • Tab ‘visualization’ has a misleading title. ‘Preview’ is better :
      I agree with you! Suggestion accepted!

    Thank you for your contribution!


    Oh, I forgot about the Ability to define another viewer:

    The Viewer capability of FileVoyager is tighly coupled with FileVoyager itself.
    The Viewer must be able to work in Embedded mode and dialog with FileVoyager through messaging or Inter-Process Communication. On its side, FileVoyager must know how to dialog with it. I prefer not to offer the possibility to choose another viewer.

    On the other hand, FileVoyager offers the possibility to define Editors either by default, or by defined file masks. You can define Editors in “Preferences\File Exploration\File Edition”.

    When using the keyboard, Editors are launched when pressing F4 on a file.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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