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Don’t claim victory yet ­čśë
I accepted the suggestions but they are just some among┬ámany suggestions I have to prioritize…
But I must admit that some of yours are high-rated.

I also understand better those that you clarified, thank you for taking the time to explain.
To keep it short, your 8 suggestions are accepted.

About CE and what I could reuse from it: You have to know that the source code of CE is already on my machine since a long time. I’ve already referred to it many time to see how it addresses some tricky Windows Shell’s parts I had problem with.

CE and FV are both written in Delphi, indeed. They both use many common third parties libraries and components to support their development.
But their core codebases have taken two very different paths.┬áThey’ve been built on slightly different foundations.

You’re right about the non-friendliness of the selection means in FV. For somebody used to Norton or Total Commander, it’s obvious. But for people used to WE, it’s hard to figure out, and I lack help documentation because of lack of time. Maybe offering two alternative ways of selecting files should be my main focus for the next release.

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