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    I have not found a setting to get rid of the dialog box “File has been removed. Do you want to keep it showing here?” popping up many times after deleting files, a major annoyance. It would be okay to have a checkbox in that dialog box that said “Ignore further messages for this directory” or something like that. Right now (unless there is a setting that I have not found), if I am, for example, deleting many photos from a trip, I get a dialog box for each photo deleted. I even get multiple warnings for the same file. (See attached image.) The only “fix” I have found so far is to simply close FileVoyager and reopen it. Is there a better way?


    Multiple dialog boxes--File has been removed


    Hi alexpc,

    This message is supposed to be shown when an item is open in the Viewer, and its underlying file has been removed/moved.
    And birmally it is supposed to be shown only once per file in this situation…

    Can you describe a bit more ?
    – Was the Viewer showing the file ?
    – If yes, was the Viewer embedded in a panel, or an independent window ?

    Anyways, I write down a todo in my backlock to allow “Don’t show again” for some messages.
    And also, thank you so much for reporting issues actively. It help me makes FileVoyager a bit more robust every time 🙏


    I think that it happens even if the file is no longer in the viewer. So, for example, if I have in the past seen the file in the viewer momentarily, but it’s not being displayed now, I still get the message. For example, say I have looked at 5 files of photographs, and they were momentarily in the viewer, but I have decided to keep only one of them, I would prefer not to have to get warning for all of the deleted ones. Moreover, if you look at the image I included in the previous post, I am being asked about the same file multiple times.

    What I often do is use an external viewer (Irfanview) and delete unwanted photographs from that app. What I guess I would really like is something in preferences that allows me to say that I don’t want those warnings at all.

    Does this help?


    One more point. Note that the “File has been removed” dialog box comes up for the same file multiple times (see image in earlier post).


    I’m completely unable to reproduce this issue…

    I checked for the places where this message is displayed and there’s only one place.
    And the conditions to display the message is that the file doesn’t exist anymore + a Viewer has the file loaded.

    Can you check if in Task Manager you find some “ghost” FileVoyager.exe ?



    I can reproduce it at will. I have a file with many photos. I click on a photo and view it under Preview in the right pane. I then double click on the file to look at it in Irfanview (a free jpg viewer). I use Irfanview to view similar pictures and delete one of the photos (the one being previewed). If I then click anywhere in FileVoyager, I get not one but two “File has been removed” warnings. There is no way to say “I know what I’m doing and don’t want to keep seeing these warnings.” Perhaps that’s a feature request, but in any case, isn’t one warning for the same file enough? Seems like a bug to me. (Task Manager does not show any other instances of FileVoyager.)

    File has been removed


    I’m able to reproduce the display of the warning message, but only once, which is the normal behaviour. I’m not able to reproduce the multiple overlapping warnings.

    Anyways, I’ll plan to add a mechanism (checkbox) to “remember” the answers of a certain set of messages and record those answers in the ini file.

    I’ll keep this thread updated

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