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    I am very impressed by your file manager. Congratulation for this great piece of software! I am an old Norton commander user from the Dos time and from a long time an intensive Total Commander user. What I couldn’t live without in Total Commander, is its ability to add descriptive comments, sometimes quite long, to files and folder to remind me things about them. It was the  main reason for  me to  adopt Total Commander at first. Simply pointing your mouse on a file or folder, without even clicking, makes your note about the file/folder appear in a balloon.  All the notes are kept in one text file per folder, in which you can make ordinary text searching for example. Very useful when you have folders with hundreds of files and you want to find a particular file knowing just a little about it. With this wonderful feature, you never lose track about what a file is, as long as you add a note to it. You can add and edit comments to any file or folder, and the comments are even transported with the files, when you copy or move them! Moreover, some automatic info are added in the balloon, like the size of the pictures etc. I would be great if you could add such a feature which is a million times more powerful than the one in the native windows properties files feature. But I suppose that wouldn’t be an easy job, this feature working likes magic.


    Hello Armoric,

    You are certainly talking about “descript.ion”, “files.bbs” or even “FILE_ID_DIZ”.
    Indeed, even though those mechanisms are relics of the DOS age, their functionality is very useful and there is no modern multiplateform standard that can do the same.

    I accept your request. Thank you for your contribution!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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