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    Would you consider adding direct download links? The reason, although it only applies to FileVoyager_Portable_xx.xx.xx.x_Full.7z, the reason for this is to allow SyMenu to to auto download and then proceed to update this app.

    SyMenu is an app menu/launcher, it has the ability to create .SPS files which supply it with all the info about any specific app that will allow you to catalogue it, add that info to a list which is then viewed by users to select apps for auto download and install/update. Very much the same as Menu, but much better as anyone can add their own lists of apps.

    Would you consider this please?

    With thanks


    That SyMenu is a fantastic tool!!!
    Thank you for that discovery.
    So what I would need is to create an SPS file with the SPS Builder, and make it available from the Download area.

    Then when I release a new version, I just update the SPS hosted here, and even your portable version will be updated.

    Did I understood correctly?


    When you first start using the sps system, Gian, the dev, requires us non-dev users to create 5 new sps files to see if we get how they work before allowing us free reign to add our own new ones.

    But yeah, you’ve got the main idea of how it works. If you download SyMenu, I can send you via email the FileVoyager.sps file I created and you can take over. It’ll need some adjustments, but it’s better for you to take over really.

    This was Gian’s hope, that developers would create and update their own sps files for SyMenu. He currently has over 500 sps files to maintain! As well as try to further the development of SyMenu, SPS Builder and the other components.


    I suggest you contact Gian about this and proceed from there. He’s a great guy and very receptive, like yourself 😉



    Yes please, send me your SPS.


    Hey sl23,

    I’ve created 2 SPS files (1 per Portable Package) and uploaded them to umgfree.
    I don’t know how fast Gian validates the SPS’s but they should appear soon in SyMenu.

    Thank you


    Wow, thanks for the update and for taking over the sps for your app.

    If I remember correctly it takes up to 5 days to validate an sps. Once you have submitted 5 sps files (I don’t know if this includes updates to existing releases) then Gian will allow them to be added to your own ‘cloud’ space. This is accessible from the SPS Builder where you can load and save to the ‘cloud’ and add new or update existing sps files. These then get added to the SPS Manager list of apps within 24 hours.


    Thanks again.


    Hi, Not sure if you are aware, but when you release a new version of FileVoyager you need to update the relevant details for SyMenu’s FileVoyager.sps file 😉


    Thanks for the updates btw


    Hello sl23,

    I’ve updated and submitted the SPS update yesterday. Maybe Gian has to check it first.
    Wait and see…

    If tomorrow it’s not updated I’ll retry a submit or contact Gian directly.


    Sorry for the late reply.

    Thanks for updating the SPS.

    I am still having trouble downloading via the SPS Manager. Very annoying can’t figure out what’s causing it!!!


    Hi sl23,

    I’m very sorry for you. I’m using the SPS updater myself, on some machines, and I’ve never had an issue…

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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