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    I had a URL that I was trying to drag to FileVoyager (to the second pane that was set to “display current pane in details mode”) from a browser. It showed the shortcut icon as the mouse cursor, but when I released the mouse button, FileVoyager crashed (disappeared). I tried it twice. The URL that I dragged (in case that is important) was https://www.fachords.com/guitar-fretboard-notes/



    Hi alexpc,

    Same behaviour here… Thanks for pointing this issue.

    I’ll work on it next week and keep this thread updated.


    May be related. When I dragged a file from another app (PaperPort) to a directory in the left-most window, FileVoyager seemed to hang (Task Manager Power usage was very high), and I could not kill FileVoyager even using the standard exit controls. I had to End task in Task Manager). The transfer actually took place, but nothing in FileVoyager responded to mouse clicks.


    Yes it’s related. Will work on it. A bit difficult to troubleshoot because it doesn’t happen in my “debug” environment, only in “Release”


    Caught the bug!

    Will release a fixed version of FV this week end


    Hi alexpc,

    This bug is fix in the version 24.5.17

    Thank you again for reporting!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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