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    Hi Keymaster

    Since a short wile ago FV starts up all right (have it in autostart), but it does so not anymore to the system tray and minimized, but as a running app minimized on the taskbar instead.

    Can’t say, if this change in behavior is related to a recent windows update – or do I miss something? I haven’t found an entry in the settings nor in the *.ini files…

    Thanks and have a good day!



    Hi SwissCharles!
    I confirm the issue. Nothing that you can fix by yourself unfortunately. I’ll troubleshoot it and hopefully come back with a solution in an update.
    Indeed, I moved to another framework to manage the minimization to the systray, and obviously, I missed this scenario…


    Hi again!

    Finally found a fix to this issue. I Will deploy a release in the coming days.


    Thanks for confirming that and for deploying a release to fix it.

    Much appreciated!

    I like FV very much – any chance to deploy it for Linux as well 😉



    Thank you for your support!

    While I’m now working with the latest releases of Delphi, making FV multiplatform theoretically seems like an opportunity. However, I want to be transparent with you: FV is currently quite Windows-centric. It heavily relies on the Windows Shell for most features and utilizes DLLs and the COM model for others.

    I’ve experimented with running FV on a Mac using Wine, a Windows executable interpreter. This implies that running it on Linux should also be possible. However, please note that official support for non-Windows platforms isn’t currently in my plans. Balancing my time between family, work, and maintaining the Windows version of FV is challenging enough.


    Hi Keymaster

    Thanks you for this quick response and fix!

    Yes, I can imagine how challenging it is to juggle ones time between family work and FileVoyager!

    Re Linux: Yes, if it works with Wine, it should also function on Linux. I am currently evaluating on how M$ Office behaves under Wine/PlayOnLinux….

    Let me know if I can help testing (I have a Linux Mint Cinnamon workstation here..) when the time should come.

    Kind regards from Switzerland




    The issue described in OP (start up minimized) is fixed in version 24.1.20.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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