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    Hi there,

    I just tried your program FileVoyager and have to say I like it 😀

    I have 3 monitors and so it would be nice if FileVoyager can open at the last position it was closed.
    Also in the preferences there should be an option to remember the last displayed directories and/or visualizations (or didn’t I see it)

    I have FileVoyager opened in the 2nd monitor and warning dialogs (e.g. no item selected) appear on the first monitor, maybe there is a way to
    center the dialog on the current monitor.

    Great work and I hope this will help to make it better 😎


    First of all, SORRY for the late answer. I don’t know what’s wrong with this forum but I haven’t been alerted about a new post >:D
    In a normal situation, FileVoyager is supposed to remember last positions and paths. I don’t understand what’s wrong… Do you use the setup version or a portable version grabbed on the web?

    Avoid the portable version you find on the web. Since yesterday, a portable version I’ve crafted myself is available on the website at

    About the message boxes, I simply command Windows to display a message. I will check further if I can control it’s positionning.

    And thank you for the kind words!



    Today I did found your filemanager. I’m using V, and in this version also the last positions and paths are not stored on exit. This should be a must-Feature. It would be great to have this Feature.



    Hi @Ssemoa,

    Normally it should be restored.
    Check that u are using the latest release.
    And check that you’re not using the portable release in a restricted folder.


    Hi, I’ve just found FV on PortableFreeware. I’ve been looking to move away from CubicExplorer for some time due to it not being maintained any longer. I’ve tried several file managers but not found anything I like or trustworthy of my files. MultiCommander even lost hundreds of pictures just by moving from one pane to another!!!

    Anyway, I can concur with the above, FV does not save position and resorts to opening again in maximised window mode. I am using FVportable v16.10.15.0. It is being used on a completely separate drive from Windows10, so no restricted folders. Settings are saved ok, just not window position and state.


    Hi sl23,

    Thanks for your participation to this forum.
    Now, with your explanation, I understand better.

    Please can you check the following for me:

    1. Close FileVoyager if it’s running
    2. Find out the related FileVoyager.ini
    3. In the [General] section, find the AllWaysMax value
    4. If the value = 1, so this is the culprit. Set it to 0 (zero), and restart FV.

    I’ve seen in my code that it’s 1 by default.
    I’ve no access to my dev machine right now, but will verify and fix this asap.


    Aha! That solved the issue. I hadn’t thought about hidden options!

    Thank you for taking the time to explain. I am liking FV very much, but I have several features to request, are you open to suggestions or are you set upon your own plan?

    Either way, respect is due, excellent app!!!


    ok, good news!

    please don’t hesitate to make suggestions and feature requests. It’s also the purpose of this forum.


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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