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    Hello dev and congratulations for the great software.
    Using it daily i found some features that would improve the efficiency of your file manager

    1. File operation queue. Actually every file operation I start spawn a new process and it is immediately executed. For short operations this may be good but sometime I need to move several files from different sources to a single destination or from a single source to multiple destinations. Starting many processes that move files may cause system overload and infact I got problems. The best way is to use queues. When starting a file operation (copy/move) the software shuld allow users to select if to start the operation in a new process or to add it to a previous queue. And possibly what to do after the file operation is completed (keep windows open with results or close it, send a beep…). Even better if you could add some flags like: Automatically Overwrite if target already exists, Automatically rename if target already exists, Skip if target Exists, Overwrite is target exists and it is older and so on.
    2. Minimize file operation window to bar. Would be great to have the possibility to minimize theĀ  file operation window to a status bar showing only its progress level.
    3. Multiple file rename with possibility to find/replace parts of the filename, change to uppercase, remove parts of the filename, add suffixes/prefixes and so on. Allow to autorename the files if a file with same name is found while multiple renaming.
    4. Folder compare/synch, with subfolders too.

    Thank you.


    Hello sunemesys,

    Very interesting input.
    We are inline! Except your feature Nr. 2, all the others were already listed in the “To do’s” page
    I had never thought about the Nr. 2. Nice suggestion indeed.
    I will do my best to implement those requests.

    Thank you!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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