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FileVoyager is a software I am currently writing. At the beginning (years ago!) it was just intended to help me understand Windows Shell’s secrets.
Block after block, it turned out to be a complete Swiss Army Knife software for File Management.

  • What’s the purpose of FileVoyager?
    Roughly: FileVoyager is an Orthodox file manager (OFM). OFM’s are file managers using two panels of disks browsers.
    This dual pane layout makes very easy the various operations of files or folders between sources and destinations (check About page for more).
  • Where is FileVoyager?
    Well…Currently…Some beta testers and me are the only persons using FileVoyager. It still needs some fine tuning…
    FileVoyager is available in the Download section!
  • When will it be available?
    In the current state, FileVoyager is ready for use in production environments. However, there are some user experience enhancements I want to deliver with my first release. I am confident in delivering a first release during Q4 2014 (October-December 2014)
    FileVoyager has been released the 1st of March 2015.

If you want to know in bullet points what are the functionality of FileVoyager, check my About page, otherwise, in some futur posts, I will explain in deep what FileVoyager is able to do, and how it does it.
So stay tuned!

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