So what’s the status?

Update: FileVoyager is available for download. Get it! It’s free.

In short: FileVoyager is ready.

But…In last minute, I decided to make the user interface multilingual. Meaning that the user would be able to choose the language of FileVoyager’s user interface.

Being french speaking, I wanted to deliver French and English translations. First, to do so, I had to transform each text in a dynamic resource. This took me a certain amount of time. Secondly, it was incredible how many text I had to translate. This also took me a significant amount of time. Thirdly, when testing the application in French, I discovered several glitches due to the difference of sentences’ length between English and French.

I give myself one more week, or two, to fully validate FileVoyager with the new multilingual feature, and then I throw it to the wild.

If you pass by and want to know what you would have to wait for, here’s a teaser screenshot. And if you want to know exactly when FileVoyager is released, follow us. There are plenty of “follow us” means on the page, choose the one that suites you the most, or choose them all 🙂


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