FileVoyager released!

FileVoyager is available.
This update brings an exciting feature by encapsulating SumatraPDF.
SumatraPDF is a powerfull free PDF viewer written by Krzysztof Kowalczyk. It is also able to display ebooks (EPUB, MOBI and FictionBooks – aka fb), comic books (CBR, CBZ, …), XPS and OXPS files (postscript) as well as DJVU files.

FileVoyager embeds seamlessly SumatraPDF in the Viewer tool. No need to install dozens of software anymore to read your prefered books!

Even if you don’t use FileVoyager, I strongly recommend SumatraPDF. If you want to learn more about it and support it, don’t hesitate and visit

Apart from that, there are also other enhancements and fixes in FileVoyager, read the Change log for more details.

If you already have FileVoyager installed, it will inform you that an update is available, and if you accept it, will do the rest for you. You can also trigger the update by yourself by clicking the top-right question mark and select ‘Check for update’ in the menu.

If you don’t have FileVoyager installed, hey! what are you waiting for? Get it! It’s free after all, totally free.

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