FileVoyager released!

OK! Here we go! New release available.

This is more a maintenance release as I’ve received a lot of user feedback and suggestions to handle.
A maintenance release but a very important one though.
In the previous versions, there was two potentially serious issues.
First: When a user moved or deleted a junction point, the items referred to by the junction where impacted.
Second: When a user sent to the Recycle Bin items that are on a volume for which Recycle Bin was disabled, the items were wiped without warning.
Those use cases are fortunately extremely rare and I haven’t receive any insults email yet. Anyway, those issues are now fixed.

I’ve also made available a Portable FileVoyager for those who are allergic to the installers.

Another big change that will probably remain unseen by most of the users is a design change that took me days to finish. In the previous versions of FileVoyager, all the fonts on all the forms where set by design. Also, the positions of the widgets on the forms where absolute positions.
But all the users are not able to read easily an 8 points font. So I received complaints. And I must confess that it was a big mistake that I made.
So I’ve put a lot of energy in correcting the design of all the forms in FileVoyager. And PHEW! I did it.
Now FileVoyager renders good on systems with high DPI or large fonts. And users can even choose the font they want in the Preferences.

I’ve also decided to limit by default the number of columns. Seven columns made me a bit claustrophobic. So now the “Last Accessed Date”, “Creation Date” and “Attributes” columns are hidden by default, but can be re-displayed via the Preferences.

That’s for the main changes, but there are many other enhancements. Just throw an eye on the Change Log to see more.
But the best thing of all is one that hasn’t changed at all: The price! FileVoyager is still free and will be forever.

If you have comments, suggestions or issues to report, use any means you can find on this website to communicate with me, but please, don’t stay silent! I need this help.

You can also help by making a donation, don’t be shy…

As usual, you can either download this new release or simply wait until your installed version prompts you for the update.


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