XP compatibility is back

The problems with XP were trivial, solved and the working version is available for download since a few days.
I just have doubts about the ThumbFlow (3D thumbnails). My XP testing environment is a Virtual Machine. Within this virtual machine, the ThumbFlow doesn’t always work. When I debug, I don’t see any issue. I suppose it’s a problem caused by the use of OpenGL (3D framework) inside a virtual machine.

If you use FileVoyager under a non-virtual XP machine and you experience strange behavior with ThumbFlow, don’t hesitate to report it to me!
And don’t hesitated to report to me that everything works flawlessly under XP if it’s the case.

One word about the version number of this release: I kept the exact same number as the previous one:
It’s not a good practice at all. It is to avoid that the non-XP users, who have working installations of FileVoyager, are prompted to update with a version that brings them no improvement.

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