Translations needed! Translators wanted!

FileVoyager spans regions and countries. That’s why it MUST support multiple languages.
For the community to enjoy this support, we needs a bigger variety of translations.
I’ve recently set up an online tool (Glotpress) to help the community to collaborate on the translations.

If every visitor translates 1 sentence, FileVoyager would cover most of the languages in a few week! So come on!

To open glotpress, go to this translation page or, if you prefer a full page, go to the FileVoyager’s Glotpress page.
If you want to contribute to the translations and need guidance, more info here.


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One Response to Translations needed! Translators wanted!

  1. Merlin says:

    this could be the begining of something big – Total commander & Directory opus better look out 🙂