I’m still around…

After more than a year without opening my development environment, I’m back on track!

I left FileVoyager aside because of another personal project. That project is over now (I confess, I capitulated after a lack of financial success).

Right now, I’m busy migrating my code to a brand new Delphi environment, and it’s not trivial due to the fact I was coding in an quite old version.

So I’m back to FileVoyager, and it will be back to you soon…

Don’t hesitate to show your love, it will give me even more motivation 😉

I’m still around… was last modified: March 28th, 2022 by FileVoyager (Author)
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7 Responses to I’m still around…

  1. A dragon says:

    I look forward to seeing a 64 bit version. The default file explorer in Windows lacks tabs, which is something I like about this. My only complaint is that they’re at the bottom and not the top. Overall, I’m glad you’re back at this.

    • Hi A dragon,
      I realize it’s not documented, but you can move the tabs to the top from the preferences dialog.

      Also, could you tell me more about your expectations from à 64bits version? Are there integrations or features missing due to the 32bits?

      Thanks !

      • A dragon says:

        I’ll make a note of that. Anyway, between huge hard drive sizes now reaching 10TB and games with mods reaching huge sizes,I feel 32 bits might be reaching its limits. While waiting for news of an update, I’ve gone back to Windows’s default file explorer with QTTabBar and noticed it took a while to sort folders with a lot of data. If the default file explorer isn’t 64 bit, I’m hoping a 64 bit option might be able to take advantage of the extra power to get the most from the system. Other that that, I’d say the only other thing I can think offhand is themes and possibly a dark mode. Don’t get me wrong there were plenty of built in themes, but it would be nice if there was a tutorial on how to create your own or some level of compatibility with Linux based themes like this:

  2. sONdza says:

    Привет! ))) С возвращением, пропажа. Очень рада, что вернулись. Будем исправлять кривоватенький русский перевод в программе.

  3. This work is still a masterpiece, even if you walked away for good. I really enjoy your work.