Website Cookies Policy

What is a cookie? Cookies are text files containing small amounts of information which are downloaded to your device when you visit a website. Cookies are then sent back to the originating website on each subsequent visit, or to another website that recognises that cookie. Cookies are useful because they … Continue reading

The viewer interface

Disclaimer: This article is a draft of the documentation. A more elaborated series of article is in progress. The Viewer interface When the internal Viewer is called to render a file, it’s in reality a separate process of FileVoyager that is launched. By creating separate processes, the main FileVoyager process … Continue reading

XP compatibility is back

The problems with XP were trivial, solved and the working version is available for download since a few days. I just have doubts about the ThumbFlow (3D thumbnails). My XP testing environment is a Virtual Machine. Within this virtual machine, the ThumbFlow doesn’t always work. When I debug, I don’t … Continue reading

XP compatibility broken

It’s been a long time since I haven’t tested FileVoyager under Windows XP. After a user notified me that he couldn’t run FileVoyager under XP SP2, I checked and…the compatibility was completely broken. The application didn’t even start. I already begun fixing it and I still have some work to … Continue reading

FileVoyager released!

OK! Here we go! New release available. This is more a maintenance release as I’ve received a lot of user feedback and suggestions to handle. A maintenance release but a very important one though. In the previous versions, there was two potentially serious issues. First: When a user moved or … Continue reading

Known issues

FileVoyager’s community is growing and now, FileVoyager runs on many environments and is used by many different user profiles. Fortunately, a lot of users give feedback and among love or hate feedbacks, there are some interesting report about dysfunctional behaviour of FileVoyager. This is a list of the most important … Continue reading

To do’s

FileVoyager has been released in March 2015. It’s a pretty young software. A lot of features and enhancements are cooking in my mind or are already partially developed. In this page you can read some examples of features or adaptations that I would like to add into FileVoyager. In no … Continue reading


FileVoyager is a free dual pane file manager for Microsoft Windows. It was originally developed to allow the study of the Windows’ Shell API’s, but has grown into a full featured file manager and a powerful file viewer. FileVoyager is released as a freeware software. The following links bring to … Continue reading

The main interface

Disclaimer: This article is a draft of the documentation. A more elaborated series of article is in progress. The main interface In this chapter, we will see what are the parts that compose FileVoyager’s main interface. Here’s a typical window with its parts: Legend The Panes (Left pane and Right … Continue reading

FileVoyager released!

FileVoyager is available. This update brings an exciting feature by encapsulating SumatraPDF. SumatraPDF is a powerfull free PDF viewer written by Krzysztof Kowalczyk. It is also able to display ebooks (EPUB, MOBI and FictionBooks – aka fb), comic books (CBR, CBZ, …), XPS and OXPS files (postscript) as well … Continue reading