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    While using the Classic UI, I upgraded to, and it completely broke the menus. The entire ribbon section was blank, and none of the Alt keys would open a menu. See attached screenshot.

    I shut down and restarted the new version multiple times, which did not help. I had to manually change ShowOldToolbars in FileVoyager.ini to 0, then relaunch FV. After the relaunch, I could enable/disable the Classic UI via preferences w/o getting any errors.

    Missing menu


    The Insert Image function in WordPress seems broken. It let me enter the path to my screenshot, and accepted my “Missing menu” text description, but didn’t attach anything.


    Hi thomasmca314159,

    Interesting feedback. In my non-regression testing, I completely forgot about the Classic UI. Sorry for that.
    I’m gonna check asap what’s wrong. I hope I can reproduce the issue.

    I obviously┬áhave a problem in this forum with the addition of pictures in a post. So I don’t see your screenshot.


    For the users who have the Classic UI and are impacted:
    In, Classic UI is broken. To be able to use FV anyways:
    – Give the focus to one of the lists of files
    – Press CTRL+O (the letter O, not the zero), this opens the preferences window
    – In the General section, uncheck “Use Classic UI instead of Ribbon UI”
    – Press Apply button at the bottom of the window. This will return in Ribbon mode

    I’ll post something when the issue is solved



    The issue described in OP in solved in version 24.1.20

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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