FileVoyager 19.12.25 released!

Among other fixes and some new stuff, Hungarian translation is now available in FileVoyager. A huge thank to Lajos Nagyvati (aka LaMoLa) for his outstanding work! If you wanna know more about the changes in this version, have a look at the Change Log.Also, hurry up, and download the latest version! … Continue reading

FileVoyager 19.5.1 released!

FileVoyager is back with a brand new version. The biggest feature introduced with this release is the integration with! This means that, from within FileVoyager, you can check the malware status reports of your files, according to about 60 of the most famous Anti-Malware solution on the market thanks … Continue reading

Discover FileVoyager in video

Want to see FileVoyager in action, watch this video on YouTube.I also plan to publish some tutorial videos, so don’t hesitate to the subscribe the channel. If you want to participate, your help is welcome! Just get in touch with me.The video has been created in September 2015 and never … Continue reading

I’m still around…

After more than a year without opening my development environment, I’m back on track! I left FileVoyager aside because of another personal project. That project is over now (I confess, I capitulated after a lack of financial success). Right now, I’m busy migrating my code to a brand new Delphi … Continue reading

Translations needed! Translators wanted!

FileVoyager spans regions and countries. That’s why it MUST support multiple languages. For the community to enjoy this support, we needs a bigger variety of translations. I’ve recently set up an online tool (Glotpress) to help the community to collaborate on the translations. If every visitor translates 1 sentence, FileVoyager would cover most of the languages in … Continue reading

FileVoyager 17.4.7 released!

As announced last week, a new release of FileVoyager was cooking. The time is come to throw it into the wild. This release brings the new Hash Tool. FileVoyager pretends to be a Swiss Army Knife. Now, with the Hash Tool, it’s more true than ever before. A hash function … Continue reading

Coming soon: the Hash tool

In my latest release (17.03.25), the Hash tool has been unveiled by accident 😅 (see into the red rectangle below) Maybe some of you have clicked on it wondering what it was doing… Well, it does nothing. The button is already visible, but not linked to the Hash tool yet. … Continue reading

FileVoyager released!

This version brings a better dpi support. I have been extremely naive thinking I was done with the DPI awareness. Until I bought a new device for myself, set up at 200 dpi, and realized FileVoyager was not far from being unusable… Even the Shell context menu was not responding. … Continue reading

New: Swedish translation available

First of all, happy new year and best wishes to all people following the Gregorian calendar. I’ve released a new version: 17.01.01. The biggest change in this version is the availability of the Swedish translation. This translation has been made by Christer F. So all my thanks and, I suppose, those of … Continue reading

New: Spanish translation available

I’ve released a new version: The only thing brought by this version is the Spanish translation. I’ve did the translation myself, and while my understanding of Spanish is not that bad, I’m sure the translation contains errors and is perfectible. Don’t wait a minute, and download FileVoyager. If you … Continue reading