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  • in reply to: Configure FileVoyager as default browser #4001

    Hi Roland,

    When writing this answer (version 20.1.20), it’s not possible to configure FV as default windows’ file explorer.

    It’s in the plans though

    in reply to: Manage favorite #3775

    Hi Roland,

    Thanks for participating to this forum.

    Favorites are automatically sorted alphabetically. I’m about to completely rewrite the Favorites Management. So it’s the moment to suggest features and need. I’ve note “Free Sorting” already.

    in reply to: 3D file viewer & converter built in #3614

    Hi MarkEtEr,

    Sounds like a nice idea to complete the Viewer capabilities of FileVoyager.
    Not on my priority list as I have higher priorities, but added in my whishlist.

    Thanks for the suggestion!

    in reply to: How to configure column #3467

    Hi Roland,

    It’s not possible at the moment in FileVoyager.
    But I take this point for a future release.



    Hello gya,

    The behaviour you describe is not the right behaviour indeed. A favorite should always open in the focused panel.
    I just checked right now with version 19.12.25 and it behaves correctly.

    If you open the favorite by using the drive panel, please be sure you use the dedicated drive panel of the list. There are 2 drive panels on the right of each list.

    in reply to: Colours used in display panel #2375

    Hi pewe, and welcome in this forum!

    File/folder lists have separated settings and are not influenced (yet) by the themes.

    1. Open the Preferences (In the “Manage” tab of the Ribbon menu, open “Preferences” which is rightmost button. The preferences window will open).
    2. In that window, click on “File exploration” in the left tree. Then in the body settings, uncheck “Underline folders” box. ==> that addresses the underline concern.
    3. In the same window, in the left tree, click on “Colors”. Then in the body settings, uncheck the “Odd lines” box. ==> that addresses the alternate grey lines concern.

    I hope this helps you

    Hi Gerhard,

    The focus of the Cancel button is made intentionnally to avoid accidental removal of files.
    I recognize it could be annoying though, as the confirmation dialog box is already enough to double check.

    I’ll adapt this behaviour in the next release.

    Thank you for your feedback

    in reply to: Good to see you back! #2020

    Hi sl23,

    Nice to read you again. Indeed, having less free time those days, I’m not as productive as I’d like.
    Anyway, I always appreciate smart, innovative and pragmatic suggestions, so feel free to share your ideas.

    Hi Gerhard,

    There’s an undocumented (yet) feature that allows you to do exactly what you want.
    It implies you edit the FileVoyager.ini file.

    Hint: If you are using the Portable version, FileVoyager.ini file is in the FileVoyager\ini folder.

    In the ini, spot the section [LeftPane] and adapt the following keys so they have the values below:
    AllwaysSameDirLV1=0 (previously -1)
    AllwaysDirLV1=c:\ (previously empty)

    Do the same in [RightPane] (here the keys are suffixed with ‘2’):
    AllwaysSameDirLV2=0 (previously -1)
    AllwaysDirLV2=d:\ (previously empty)

    I’ve tested it right now and it’s still working 😉

    Let me know if this works for you.


    in reply to: How To Move File By Dragging Without Additional Click #1394

    Hello Beau, and welcome.

    You can skip the click on the radio button (step 2 in your process) by holding Shift on your keyboard during the drag & drop process. But you will have to confirm the dialog box anyway.

    in reply to: Add a Archive Button to the view types in Quick Preview Pane #1359

    Hi ij,

    First sorry for this late answer. I’ve been on holidays and completely disconnected from real world 😉

    I understand better now what you expect and think it makes sense. I even remember it was something I planned to do, but gave it up eventually.

    I’ll add your feature request to my backlog.

    Honestly, I haven’t reopened the code since 7 months because of other constraints, but I’m eager to come back to FileVoyager.

    Thanks for your contribution

    in reply to: Add a Archive Button to the view types in Quick Preview Pane #1356

    Hi ij,

    Why not extend the already existing Folder tree with that capacity? Wouldn’t it be better?

    If yes, this is in my todo list. That way you would have one single place to view the Tree Hierarchy, including regular folders, archives, and in the futur, cloud drives.

    Hi ij,

    Thanks for reporting this. I’ll check that and keep you updated.


    in reply to: File Names List View #1349

    Hi @rcdanek,

    You can disable the altenating background by doing the following:

    • Open the preferences manager (you can do it by pressing Ctrl+O)
    • In the tree on the left, select “Color”
    • in the right panel, uncheck the “Odd lines” options
    • Press the “Apply” button and close


    in reply to: Direct downloads #1129

    Hi sl23,

    I’m very sorry for you. I’m using the SPS updater myself, on some machines, and I’ve never had an issue…

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