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  • Hi ij,

    Thanks for reporting this. I’ll check that and keep you updated.


    in reply to: File Names List View #1349

    Hi @rcdanek,

    You can disable the altenating background by doing the following:

    • Open the preferences manager (you can do it by pressing Ctrl+O)
    • In the tree on the left, select “Color”
    • in the right panel, uncheck the “Odd lines” options
    • Press the “Apply” button and close


    in reply to: Direct downloads #1129

    Hi sl23,

    I’m very sorry for you. I’m using the SPS updater myself, on some machines, and I’ve never had an issue…

    in reply to: Direct downloads #1116

    Hello sl23,

    I’ve updated and submitted the SPS update yesterday. Maybe Gian has to check it first.
    Wait and see…

    If tomorrow it’s not updated I’ll retry a submit or contact Gian directly.

    in reply to: Direct downloads #1074

    Hey sl23,

    I’ve created 2 SPS files (1 per Portable Package) and uploaded them to umgfree.
    I don’t know how fast Gian validates the SPS’s but they should appear soon in SyMenu.

    Thank you

    in reply to: Direct downloads #1071


    Yes please, send me your SPS.

    in reply to: Direct downloads #1066

    That SyMenu is a fantastic tool!!!
    Thank you for that discovery.
    So what I would need is to create an SPS file with the SPS Builder, and make it available from the Download area.

    Then when I release a new version, I just update the SPS hosted here, and even your portable version will be updated.

    Did I understood correctly?

    in reply to: My list of hopefuls! #1065


    That’s because FV uses the “sticky selection” paradigm

    I plan to give thee ability to switch between sticky or not sticky (that’s the question :p)

    in reply to: My list of hopefuls! #1062

    absolutely. As here above. It’s structured and very clear.

    I thank for contributing 😉

    in reply to: My list of hopefuls! #1060

    Don’t hesitate to share your ideas/wishes here. May I just ask you to create a new topic for your new fr’s?


    in reply to: My list of hopefuls! #1053

    Hi sl23,

    As you can see, version 16.11.26 includes some “simplification” in the selection process.
    I haven’t included the possibility to toggle the full row selection yet. But it’s in my todo’s for a next release.

    Thanks again!

    in reply to: My list of hopefuls! #990

    Don’t claim victory yet ūüėČ
    I accepted the suggestions but they are just some among¬†many suggestions I have to prioritize…
    But I must admit that some of yours are high-rated.

    I also understand better those that you clarified, thank you for taking the time to explain.
    To keep it short, your 8 suggestions are accepted.

    About CE and what I could reuse from it: You have to know that the source code of CE is already on my machine since a long time. I’ve already referred to it many time to see how it addresses some tricky Windows Shell’s parts I had problem with.

    CE and FV are both written in Delphi, indeed. They both use many common third parties libraries and components to support their development.
    But their core codebases have taken two very different paths.¬†They’ve been built on slightly different foundations.

    You’re right about the non-friendliness of the selection means in FV. For somebody used to Norton or Total Commander, it’s obvious. But for people used to WE, it’s hard to figure out, and I lack help documentation because of lack of time. Maybe offering two alternative ways of selecting files should be my main focus for the next release.

    in reply to: My list of hopefuls! #987

    Thank you for your input!

    CE is¬†a wonderful app. I’m sorry to see it falling slowly in the dark abandonware area. But I know myself how hard it is to keep a freeware alive.

    Anyway! Back to your feature requests. I think each one of your item deserves a dedicated topic…

    1. Default File Manager:
    It’s tempting.¬†To do things properly, I would have to support the cmd line parameters¬†“explorer.exe” does support. But that’s not a big deal.
    What’s annoys me is changing an important Registry value. If the user is not aware enough of the impact and uninstalls FV without restoring the Registry key, he’ll stay with a broken Windows.
    Well, with a pretty clear disclaimer,¬†I should be able to raise user’s awareness. Replacing explorer.exe would be done only on user’s voluntary choice, after all.
    Ok, Suggestion accepted!

    2. Internal File Associations:
    I love the idea. Suggestion accepted!

    3. Optimize Switching Single/Dual Pane:
    Yes,¬†I could improve the Single/Dual mode. I don’t know if you noticed it, but¬†there’s a context menu, with quick choices,¬†if you right click on the splitter.

    4. Turn off Full Row Selection:
    Turning off full row selection: What for? It’s unclear for me what¬†you want to gain or avoid by turning it off?
    About the selection, have you tried the Right-Click and slide over items (√† la Norton Commander)? Isn’t it enough?

    5. Customize Toolbars:
    For the Ribbon menu mode, I reject your request.
    For the Classic UI mode, suggestion accepted!¬†The components that I use for the toolbars comes with a Customizer. I haven’t implemented it so far because I haven’t found a way to make it multi-lingual aware.

    6. Toolbar Locations:
    I thought it was already drag-droppable… I’ll check as soon as I can.

    7. Main Menu as a Button Menu:
    I’ll see what I can do. Suggestion accepted!

    8. Drives Toolbar:
    Ok, not a big deal. Suggestion accepted! But what about a simple ComboBox instead, in the existing pane’s toolbars? If we talk about screen space optimization, we can’t do better than a ComboBox.

    Again, thank you for this interesting input.

    in reply to: Remember last window position and last paths #982

    ok, good news!

    please¬†don’t hesitate to make suggestions and feature requests. It’s also the purpose of this forum.


    in reply to: Remember last window position and last paths #980

    Hi sl23,

    Thanks for your participation to this forum.
    Now, with your explanation, I understand better.

    Please can you check the following for me:

    1. Close FileVoyager if it’s running
    2. Find out the related FileVoyager.ini
    3. In the [General] section, find the AllWaysMax value
    4. If the value = 1, so this is the culprit. Set it to 0 (zero), and restart FV.

    I’ve seen in my code that it’s¬†1 by default.
    I’ve no access to my dev machine¬†right now, but will verify and fix¬†this asap.

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